Go-karting At Eastern Ark Hotel

Eastern Ark Hotel

For a while now, I have been teaching myself to say yes more. This includes opportunities, experiences, and not forgetting adventures. That is how I got to go for go-karting after putting it away for a while.
Courtesy of Kitlio Expeditions we departed from Nairobi for Eastern Ark Hotel at about 7:30 am. This hotel is located on Kangundo road right on the highway so you wouldn’t miss it. It is a new hotel that opened last year during covid. It has accommodation options that overlook very beautiful scenery.

After brief introductions and team-building activities, we headed out to do the main activity of the day which was go-karting. I was excited and scared at the same time because for some reason my brain registered that I needed to know how to drive to do this which wasn’t the case. If you are like me and you’ve been postponing go-karting since you can’t drive, please go.
I get changed and pick my go-kart and this is the point I tell my fellow height mates that this here is one interesting ride for short people. The struggle, the knocking of things on the go-kart track, and getting stuck because instead of accelerating I stepped on brakes made everything exciting. I didn’t give up because we don’t do that here.
I remember after that race I said that is the hardest thing I have ever done for a short person and people laughed. Nonetheless, I am happy I got to try it. I would still redo it if I get the chance.

After the go-kart experience, we head out for lunch after which some of us went swimming while I sat by the pool to relive the whole experience.

Go-karting is one exciting experience that I would want each one of you my readers to experience.
Put on your most comfortable shoes and clothes and go experience this.

Thank you to everyone who came through for this one and to Kitlio for this amazing first time.

Photo Credits: Kenan Moses

Till Next time; Just go.

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