Lockdown, locked down?

I went through a lot of emotions during last year’s lockdown. On most days I was exhausted, I spent most of the time in bed doing nothing and on some days, I cried.
I struggled so much with anxiety to an extent I constantly wondered who that person was because that wasn’t me. For a moment I lost interest in doing the things that I loved and insomnia became my friend this wasn’t helping since work had to be done during the day. These emotions made me realize that I needed to do something because God knows I was struggling. So when this second lockdown happened, I knew in my heart that I didn’t want to go back to the pit I was in during the last lockdown. Here are a few things that I am doing currently I hope they help you start something that works for you.

Finding a working spot
Waking up to go somewhere usually gives me joy. I knew that I had to find a way to leave my bed because working from the bed ain’t healthy. I found myself a working spot. This changes from time to time depending on how I am feeling that day. I underestimated the power of waking up and going somewhere but now I look forward to most mornings. If you can find a place that best suits your mood that particular day to work from and watch your mood shift. There’s is power in a change of scenery.

Outdoor Activities
Create time to go outdoors. This works miracles since it breaks the monotony of staying indoors. Go out, get some fresh air. It could be as simple as taking long walks, doing a run, or if you are like me go on hikes. I came to realize my brain appreciates anything outside the four walls as long as nature is involved so I do try my best to go out as much as I can.

This is new to me. The best I do is work out in my dreams and sleep on. My thoughts were all over the place so I needed something to help me focus. I am trying to incorporate yoga to help me focus. Try any form of exercise that you gravitate more towards and dedicate a portion of your day to do it. It helps because who knew I would be out here looking forward to doing any form of exercise. Some days I give up but on most days I do it and so far it has helped so much.

Last year I read nothing. I started reading books then I gave up along the way because I couldn’t and those books didn’t excite me at all. I lost interest and that is when I knew that I wasn’t okay.
During this period I decided to try to read something at least daily. It doesn’t have to be a book. It could be an article on the internet, magazine as long as I read something. Interestingly, this time I have managed to read and we are at book number five this year and I couldn’t be happier.

These days we are currently living in are tough and on some days we are all going to struggle. May we spread kindness everywhere we go since you might be the one who puts a smile on a random stranger’s face.
I hope as you stay safe, you will take care of yourself and find something that helps you stay sane during these crazy times. We will make it to the other side that I know for sure.

What are you doing to stay sane during this lockdown period?

Till next time; Take care of yourself.

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