Hiking Mt. Ololokwe

Hiking Mt. Ololokwe has been on my mind for the longest time. I wanted to do it for one reason, catch the sunrise at the top. 

Mt. Ololokwe, originally known as Oldonyo Sabache is located in Namunyak Conservancy in Samburu East. It is about 355kms from Nairobi.

This dream finally came to pass. We left Nairobi early morning, had a brief breakfast at Sagana then continued to Nanyuki took photos, had lunch, bought a few things, and picked one of us then headed out. 

After Nanyuki scenes keep changing and the beauty is evident as you continue to drive up North. By this time, the excitement had checked in since for some of us it was our first time going up North, some the thought of getting to hike Ololokwe was surreal.

This road is amazing, Mt. Ololokwe backdrop crowns everything. On this road same road, you’ll spot Samburus herding camels and it is a scene to behold as the camels cross the road. Just as in parks, here too camels have right of way. 

We got to Mt. Ololokwe and for a moment I couldn’t believe it. It was a dream come true. We took photos then headed to Sabache campsite which was to be our home for the night. 


Sabache camp is located at the foot of Mt. Ololokwe. It is owned and run by locals. The road to the camp is in good condition you can use a bike lol. No need for a 4by4. The campsite has accommodation options for everyone and in case you didn’t bring your tent, you can hire theirs. There’s an option of camping at the top of the mountain and porters are at the camp to help you carry your stuff. Remember this highly depends on the time you get to the campsite. 

We pitched our tents, had our supper amidst lots of laughter. That’s what happens when you travel with amazing humans. We later called it a night.

Our hike started at 4:30 am since the plan was to catch the sunrise at the top. We meet our guide Francis who is one awesome human. He made sure we were all Okay despite being slow and all that. Did I mention he’s one good storyteller? 

Hours later we start seeing the sun peeping on the horizon and it was so beautiful. I should have known that this was just the tip of the iceberg before her majesty showed up. Since we were worried if we would make it to the top in time for sunrise, we found a spot and soaked in the view. 

After a sunrise shoot, we walk on and finally got to the summit. Views here are to die for and no camera can do justice to it. All of us made it and we sat there taking in the view. Is this the point where we sing the ‘I am on top of the world’ song? Being able to see the road that leads to Marsabit and the general surrounding but from a different angle was so fulfilling. An hour later we left the summit since the sun gets really hot and believe me, you do not want to descend in that heat. Together with one badass mountaineer Agoro,(Peep her Instagram here) we ran down because there’s a thrill in speedy descent and two we just wanted to get done with this particular mountain because of the heat!

About three hours later everyone was done and each one narrated their experience as we had breakfast. This whole group was full of good vibes and even as we left Sabache for Nairobi I knew I would want to meet them and do it all over again.

Things to know before hiking Ololokwe

  1. Make sure you carry your sunscreen
  2. Have shoes with a good grip, they come in handy when descending.
  3. Hiking poles
  4. Headlamps especially if you plan to summit at sunrise.
  5. Lots of energy and good vibes because you’ll need it.

Biggest shout out to Fartrekadventures for curating this trip.

Photocredits: Machanule, Agoro, Weru.

Till Next time; Take a hike.

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