Mwanzo Lodge

Happy New Year. Are people still saying this? I hope your year is off to a great start. I am here wishing you all nothing but the best this year.

From the moment I saw Mwanzo lodge images I knew I had to visit that place so when the suggestion came up we drove down together with a group of friends. We had a brief stopover at buffalo mall Naivasha then headed out to the lodge. Incase you are going down soon if possible, shop from Nairobi since there’s no supermarket in the mall at the moment.

Mwanzo Lodge is located in Naivasha about 2 hours or less from Nairobi. It is located inside the Flower Business park, in a quiet, peaceful residential area and not to forget it is perched on a hill which gives you a perfect view of L. Naivasha and panoramic views of the landscape around it. It is from Mwanzo lodge that you get to witness one of the best sunsets.

Mwanzo lodge offers  two different types of accommodation that is camping and rooms option. There are 18 rooms and from the 18, 3 are one bedroom furnished apartments that can be used for longer stays. To know more about their rooms reach out to them through their website they are very responsive.

The other accommodation option is camping which we were using this particular weekend. They have 15 tents which are 2 pax. The tents surpassed my expectation one because for the first time I saw a huge camping mattresses. If you have gone camping before then you know what I am talking about. While camping at Mwanzo you also get to experience full board option which means they offer all meals, they go an extra mile to provide towels and even sandals. Do you see why I say this place surprised me? Generally accommodation at Mwanzo will cost you between Ksh. 5000-18,000.

The lodge has a restaurant, bar, playground and a pool which gives you a chance to eat, play, drink or even swim with a perfect view.

Naivasha gets really cold at night so be sure to carry warm clothes. That night we had dinner then as a camping norm we had bonfire to wind down the night and catchup since some of us were meeting for the first time this year.

While at Mwanzo, you can help the chef prepare meals-I wish I knew about this- do the flower farm tour, and even bike riding(the bikes are available for hire).

Thank you so much for stopping by I hope this piece inspired you to visit Mwanzo.

Till next time, LIVE.

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  1. this is so beautiful. You have just highlighted everything is a very simple and easy way. We had great time here and looking forward to more of this!

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