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We got to do our first feature!!!

One time when we were escaping Nairobi chaos to the mighty Rusinga Island in 2018, I met Mimitimes. Funny thing is that I didn’t see her on day one, we only met the following day during sundowner, and just like that our love for sunset got us here. I call her the queen of budget travel; she loves her coins the same way I love mine but again she has found a way to incorporate luxury in the budget. She shares a few things with us so shall we go right into it?

Introduce to the people who mimitimes is and how it came to be.

A young girl with a dream to travel and to host a travel show one day. I grew up in the slopes of Aberdares forest, I walked through the forest going to school, and guess what? I met zebras every morning, fought monkeys from our maize plantation on some days I skipped school because elephants were moving into homesteads to run away from the cold- If you have been to the Aberdares then you know the kind of cold I am talking about-  These childhood experiences led to mimitimes like the name means my time travel stories though ‘mimi’ were my Ex’s initials (laughs)

How did you get to start traveling?

It all started with campus trips, later, I worked at a tour company as an intern after campus and here we are today. Doing it stronger and better.

What are some of the lessons you have picked along the way while traveling?

Iris what iris and life is what happens when you busy planning. Punctures will happen, a destination can surprise you positively or negatively, there are good people out there, sleeping outside & hungry is possible. Simply humbled me. I stopped asking for menus in vibandas hahahaa.

Are you saving for a destination type or blowing it up and dealing with consequences later?

Consequences for who?  Unless it is a day trip ranging Kes 2000-3000 I plan and save.

Your best destination in Magical Kenya?

Si you allow me name two, Tsavo west (lake Chala) and Diani. Imagine a proposal on the shores of Lake Jipe? Exchanging vows on Galu beach Diani on one of the sunrises?

I have seen people being asked on the internet how they fund their travel or who pays for them. Have you been asked this question? What was your response?

Not once and I chose to be the bigger person. It is simple If I paid for a trip myself then I did, if another person sponsored it e.g. for my birthday, work trips, etc. I say as it is. Including when someone’s son decides to treat me. It’s okay for you to have sponsored yourself it’s okay for someone else to sponsor you. We are adults what you think after I have answered you it’s on you.

Budget/ luxury travel?

Budget! When I have someone calling me mum maybe luxury will come in for their comfort. May I say budget does not equal suffering though? Well, I just said,  thank you.

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Your dream destination?

Hapa tu Lamu.

Where do you see Kenya’s traveling scene in the next 5 years?

I can only see it in my world lens, next year honestly not 5 years from now and it’s as magical as it has always been. Back to the roads like nothing happened.

Your blog turns 3 this month (Congratulations), how do you feel? How has this journey been like?

(God Phenny this is emotional. Wipes tears of joy) When I look back, I see God, I see doubts, I see moments of research, I see moments of health and sickness while on the move, I see moments of no breath before clicking the publish button, I see moments of hard work and success and moments of my readers’ support. Does that explain how I feel? Would I do it again if this was 2017? Yes!

Also, what have you learned in this writing journey?

It is the lit stories that have bogus titles/headings and there are days you will have no idea what heading to use on your story and it is fine.

If money was not an issue, where would you live?

Forget Diani, Muguga hapa tu past Kikuyu or Narumoru Kieni east. It’s cool air for me.

Leave a message to anyone who wants to travel but they still feel travel is expensive.

Hey you, yes you! There is a Gikomba in the travel world as well. Don’t stress work with what you have, you will love what you’ll find, trust me.

One quote you live by?

Live your grandmothers’ and mothers’ wildest dreams. They sacrificed to have you, they gave up jobs to bring you up, they put up with so much to see you travel today but you don’t have to do the same. Do what they wish they did, what they wanted to do. They will smile.

Honestly, I thank our friends for constantly bailing out on traveling with us because it is through that, that we got to meet and just like that I found me a travel soulmate. I can’t wait to discover destinations with you but most importantly chase sunsets and sunrises at least I will get to witness that proposal and watch you exchange vows at sunrise.  Here is to conquering these writing fears, from doubting and just putting it out there, taking me on adventures that make me miss my bed and constantly reminding me it’s all about experiences.

Happy 3rd-anniversary Mimitimes.


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