Ngare Ndare Forest

Before everything was brought to a standstill, together with other friends, we visited Ngare Ndare. I can’t imagine it was this year! A lot has changed since. How are you all holding up? How has life been in this new normal?

Ever since I went waterfall chasing at castle forest my life has never been the same again. Usually, I feel like something inside me was awaken or maybe I am just in awe on how the man above does things. So, when I came across Ngare Ndare photos, I knew in my heart that I wanted to go and experience all that goodness one because FOMO gets to me and two d to confirm if the killer photos I see on the internet are real because hee that blue water is surreal and the fact that it is in Kenya I just had to.

How the pool normally looks. Image from akenyannomad

Ngare Ndare is located in Nanyuki Laikipia county about 4-5 hours from Nairobi. Also, it is located on the Northern slopes of Mt. Kenya which technically means the water that flows inside the forest is meltdown from the mountain. It is a combination of two words meaning goat and water respectively.

Our trip started early Saturday morning and needless to say, everyone was excited to be doing this maybe we had all seen those amazing photos or, this place had overstayed in their bucket list as it had in mine. First stopover was at the equator we had to pay our respects to this place because why not.

We finally got to Ngare Ndare forest and I remember my friends saying ‘mama we made it’ since we had all wanted to come to this place for years, but we hadn’t so this was a dream come true.  We are introduced to our guides and we start a brief hike to the pool and to experience the forest’s goodness.

At Ngare Ndare you will get to experience a wide range of activities from swimming in the blue pool, cliff diving, Game drives, bird watching, hiking, camping, canopy walk that is about 450m long and it ends on a wooden platform that is about 30ft where you can have a meal and relax with a view of the river. Also, if you are lucky, you can spot a game from the canopy walk. Pro swimmers will have a field day at the cliff since here they get to dive into the ice cold water while the rest watch them and cheer. For the first time I wished I could swim but anyway we move.

P.S. Do not be like me, take a swim.

Canopy walk

From my photos, we missed that blue water, I have to go back, I have to see it and hopefully get in the water because on this day I sat in front of the pool and the cliff just taking in the beauty.

Wooden platform at the end of the canopy walk with part of the team.

Things to know before going to Ngare Ndare

  1. Leave early especially if you are planning to do a day trip. This will allow you to have a good time and not skip any activity you had planned on doing.
  2. To get what you see on photos, visit Ngare Ndare during the dry season because when it is raining the water loses that blue color that makes it stand out.
  3. This is an animal territory so make sure you get a guide at the gate for safety purposes.
  4. You are not a fan of hiking? Worry not, you can drive down then that leaves you with a short distance to walk to the falls.
  5. I would recommend comfortable clothes and shoes, you’ll need it for the brief hike and at the canopy walk.
  6. At the canopy walk don’t walk through in large groups it is for safety purposes but then again, the guides are there so you will be guided.
  7. The road that eventually leads to the gate is not tarmacked at least the last time I was there but it is accessible. On rainy days use a 4WD.
  8. There is a camping site available for camp lovers and remember this is Nanyuki and on some days the cold doesn’t play. Carry warm clothes and go enjoy the night.
  9. This water is COLD remember I said they are meltdowns from Mt. Kenya but then if cold water has nothing on you carry your swimming costume and go enjoy.

For more information be sure to check out Ngare Ndare website

This was an awesome experience that I wish on everyone.

Till next time; Just go.

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  1. Ngare Ndare is one of those places one must just revisit. I also missed the blue pools and I can relate to wishing I could swim because people swimming and diving off the cliffs looks so much fun. Good read Phenny!

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