27 Lessons at 27

I can’t believe it has been a week since my birthday. Earlier on this month someone asked me if I had any wishes as I turned 27 and I did not have any. After that conversation I went home and thought about it. Hey you, if you see this just know I did.

Here are some of the lessons I have learnt in my 27 years of life;

  1. Prayer works!
  2. Show up for people if you ever get the chance to. You might be the only one who shows up for them.
  3. Travel! It doesn’t have to be those expensive trips we see on social media. Find what works for you and just go because there is a lot to see beyond your hometown.
  4. If it takes away your peace, let it be. I am realizing that having peace is very important.
  5. Sometimes just be silent. Not everything requires your reaction.
  6. Do not be afraid to cry. I know they always say crying is for the weak. It is okay to be the weak one because crying cleanses the soul. Get in the shower and let it all out you will be fine trust me.
  7. Create a relationship with your money. I am yet to create a relationship with mine but baby steps we will get there.
  8. It is okay to be the one who loves the most. You will be at peace knowing you gave that relationship/ friendship your all.
  9. Forgive people not because they deserve it but because you deserve peace.
  10. It is okay not to be invited just do your thing what is yours will find you.
  11. Do not be afraid of leaving. Truth is if you are thinking about it then it is about time you left.
  12. It always starts and ends with family.
  13. Communicate always. Say exactly what you want or how you feel no one is able to read minds out here.
  14. Heartbreaks are part of this life. Intensity varies and yes, they do change us and it is okay.
  15. It is okay to say NO without any explanation.
  16. Everything you want is on the other side of fear.
  17. Relationships come and go. Pick up a lesson as you move.
  18. Comparison is the thief of joy. Don’t do it.
  19. Self care is important do it often, your body will be grateful.
  20. Once in a while unplug from social media take time to be alone with your thoughts or even read a book.
  21. Do not be afraid to try something new. The only way to know if it is good/bad for you is by trying.
  22. Put all the work in if it makes you happy. All those sacrifices will pay someday.
  23. Save! Save! I do not know much about money but I know saving is important.
  24. Live. Do not be afraid to live this pandemic has just made everything clear. Live and let it live.
  25. Closure is a myth. Waiting for people to explain why they did what they did won’t make you feel better.
  26. Do not expect YOU from other people.
  27. Everyone has their own definition of success. To some it is getting married, others starting a business, owning a house name them. Find your own and live by it.

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  1. One of my favorite things is always to read the lessons people have picked through their lives. I would read this again when i feel confused about life. Happy birthday again babe. Let this year be one for the books in a good way for you. I pray the sun shines harder on you this year.

    All of my love.

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