Shall we…?

Funny how a simple post can trigger so many reactions from people. Truth is, I didn’t see it coming. When that particular post went up on Facebook, I was just a human being ranting. I never re-read that post till one time when someone who had seen it the day I posted it sent a screenshot. I knew the words were familiar but the emojis were not. That’s when she told me a friend of hers had shared it and she had also got it from a friend who had got it from a friend and I was like wow! Kumbe I was forming a kasmall tribe and I didn’t know.

The other day that memory popped up on Facebook and just for laughs I re-shared it still hoping to do #BrokenSeries someday even though I wasn’t sure when I would. I post the screenshot on WhatsApp but I later delete it since people were asking questions that I didn’t know how to answer or maybe I was just exhausted. My mind has been chaotic lately maybe it’s because I go to bed late and just have serious 9-5 or maybe 7pm routine.

A friend sends me a message that evening mentioning I should finally write that series and I laugh it off by saying I don’t know where to start. Since she’s a darling, she says it’s been two years it’s about time I got to it since someone out there might just be ready to tell their story.Long story short I tell her I would think about it.

Truth is I didn’t know how exactly this would play out but after seriously thinking about it, aaah I’m lying I thought about it but not seriously. Here I am doing an introductory post for broken series crossing fingers it goes us planned. Low-key I am praying this will give me or someone out here closure from pains, those that made our bodies numb, made us sit in the shower crying with water running yaani those that made us stay up at night crying but still woke up powdered our faces in the morning and stepped out with the most beautiful smiles. Let’s talk about our healing journey and finally how we got where we are today. We have all been heartbroken, could be friendships, relationships, jobs whatever it is. Let’s talk about them and inspire someone going through the same thing.

I hope you give me a chance to tell your stories but most importantly I hope to do justice to them.

This is me being too hopeful with this hoping two of us get to tell our stories.

Hit me up let’s bring #Brokenseries to life.

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