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Is too late to wish each other a Happy New Year? Happy New Year to you loves, I hope you are all finding your balance as the year progresses.

A weekend ago I found myself at Lalanasi and memories were triggered. I remembered the very first time I was there and how I had imagined that weekend being the ultimate baecation for me and mine but then mans bailed out last minute and opted to perambulate in this city despite having said he won’t be in town. Despite all these si we always move regardless? 

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2 years ago, that valentine’s weekend sis here decided to go on a self-care trip to think through things. I knew so well I would not survive on my own being the cry baby I am I would have cried the whole weekend. The other option I had was to do a group trip not knowing with who exactly simply because all my friends were in relationships and no one was going to leave their persons to go on this impromptu trip with me one that I was not even sure of myself. As I scroll through Facebook I see a post by Keitan Safaris pale Kilimani Mums and I got interested. I send him a message on WhatsApp and a day later I paid for the trip in full something I would not have done on a normal day because my trust issues are usually up there.

I contemplated canceling this trip several times simply because I was not sure how I would survive among strangers I had not met my whole life. I remember asking my sister and she told me if I feel I should go then why not. That is how I ended up going and years later I am glad I packed my bags because two years down the line I have met amazing people, had genuine conversations with people I would not have met at the comfort of my house and not to mention how much I have learned and just coming to know that somehow most us have the same fears.

Lalanasi is located in Laikipia County approximately 4 hours from Nairobi through Nyeri- Nyahururu highway and 4-5 hours through Gilgil-Nyahururu highway. We used Gilgil route with our first stopover at Rift valley viewpoint then later on proceeded to Old church before later turning off Nakuru highway and starting our journey towards Nyahururu. For this first time, I do not remember much simply because I was still keeping to myself despite having made a friend already- hi Nymo- She has been asking about this piece since this blog came to life. This place is beautiful, peaceful and full of fresh air. Last weekend as we used this route everything felt nostalgic, It dawned on me how much can change in two years because two years ago everyone in this truck was a stranger but then now they are people I have grown fond of.

Thompson Falls Nyahururu.

This was our third stopover and having only learned about this fall in school I was all ready for it. This fall is about 74m high and it is located on R. Ewaso Nyiro just a few kilometers from Lake Ol Bolossat. The beauty is that they have a residential area just close to the fall or you can decide to drive to Panari Nyahururu which is visible from the falls. While here you can hike down to the falls and just have a feel of the falls at a closer range. Recently when we went back Thompson falls was full and too beautiful. Due to this, no one could get as closer as we did the other time.

Charges; Kshs. 50 for Kenyan adult citizens

Lalanasi Lodge.

Lalanasi is a swahili term that means ‘sleep with us’. It is located deep in the countryside and if you ever crave for some countryside love and your village is not on the list, take a trip to Lalanasi you will be forever grateful. As you turn off the tarmac to Lalanasi you can already feel the love and the peace that the countryside is ready to offer. This place borders a river/lake that you can do lots of activities on, self-catering family villas, stylish cottages, swimming pool, and a camping site. Right now, Lalanasi looks way better than the first time I was there, more reasons why you should visit.

Lalanasi camping site is right behind me. P.S. it is much better than this.

Lalanasi gives you a chance to enjoy so many activities that are child-friendly too from quad biking, Kayaking at the lake, swimming, cycling, fishing among other activities. There is also a lounge where you can relax watch tv and just have a good time at the fireplace. I am not sure of the charges for these activities kindly check their facebook page that I linked above.

Quad biking
The pool

For me, I would still go back to Lalanasi because every time I do feel I am not yet done with that place or is it something about human beings and first love? We will find out hopefully soon.

It has been amazing two years on the road and I am glad it all started at Lalanasi and I can only hope that it will get better because I found friends and family far from home. I had fears at the beginning constantly asking myself what will happen if I don’t enjoy this trip and what happens if the person I sent money to is not real. I had all these questions some of which I may not talk about today all I know is I had an amazing first through which I have met amazing humans and right now if you ask me if I know anyone who does anything- just name it- I will  know someone.

Heres’s to constantly being on the road when we can and want to but most importantly overcoming fears that we had at the beginning.

Till next time; embrace your fears and just go.

Thank you Wabu Photography for the amazing captures last weekend.

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