Forever Begins

I love love. Love makes me happy, it makes me smile sheepishly as I scroll through photos of baecations, random drives name them. Love brings down very high walls plus it takes off masks we fear we can’t live without. Love will always put all insecurities to sleep. Aaah love is a beautiful thing at least from the books I have read and those I witnessed.

2019 has been a year of celebrating love and showing up for love because that’s what we do on these streets. My friends decided that this decade won’t just end like that instead they will be exchanged for cows or better still exchange people’s daughters with cows. At first I wasn’t ready! For a moment in my head I thought we were still young despite being out here paying bills and making decisions. I always knew we were just big babies doing adult things. Little did I know we were taking over everything adults do.

One that stood out for me is when we traveled for love. Somewhere in Nambale my home girl was getting married and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. One because it was going to be a roadtrip and two I wanted to see who was taking away that one person I have grown to love over time. One human who amidst everything checks up on me and tells me aah mamii we need to find you a boyfriend. I swear she works overtime.

If it were where I come from we would have called it Nyombo my central people call it Ruracio but on this day since it was in Western it was called ovukhwe. Yes it was my home girl’s ovukhwe and we showed up and brought everything to a standstill because who wants people to forget their traditional wedding. Let them come be witnesses and most importantly live with that picture forever. Okay I’m just being extra. It was a beautiful day full of a lot of dance, shoulder shaking because no one does it like luhyas and foood because my western people have mastered the art of killing people with food.

Team Nambale

Nambale is beautiful and ‘our husband’ got a jackpot from this beautiful land. I know he knows because mans couldn’t help but smile. You see the thing about being happy is that you can’t hide it however much you try to. Mans was all smiley and my home girl too smiled maybe this was their communication code for this day. Bry and Fred I am proud of you two. Fred if you get to read this just know you are a lucky human. You two know this but I am here rooting for both of you because love is what we all want to go home to someday and both of you have found it.

Also my sister got married and on her wedding day I was balancing tears. Usually when I am too happy I cry. I cry when good things happen to people. I have always wanted her to get married but I never knew it would be this emotional. I avoided her on this day simply because I didn’t want to embarrass myself crying and even ruining my make up. Plus I know her she wouldn’t have let it slide. We still danced and her day turned out to be really beautiful ask anyone who was in attendance. She’s one person who has made me understand tough love. We fight and still show up for each other. Truth is I am going to miss her being around home because she’s the one we’ve been going home with for Christmas. Hey sis cheers to love. If you ever want to go on baecations si you know I will always be your plug.

My sister’s wedding

2019 like I said has been really intense at some point I got overwhelmed with everything by everything. On some days I survived and on some I was busy attending weddings and doing the most! You could always spot me dancing because love is a celebration. That’s how we do it where I come from. Ask my dad.

To all my friends, friends of friends who got married this year, power to you all. Enjoy love, make us envious with those photos plus deep captions. Overdose on baecations if you get the chance to. Also thank you for breaking my heart and making me realize we are getting old. You people have made my parents start having marriage conversations with me by dropping hints telling me they are now ready to receive somebody’s son. As usual I am always there playing dumb because those conversations sky rocketed fast. Finally to those who kept asking when my wedding will be after seeing me attend so many, I don’t know either. Somebody’s son is still taking his time, where? I have no idea or maybe he’s saving money for our honeymoon destination in Bali, Maldives or mans has decided on Bahamas hehe.

Anyway love conquers all and as you start your forever journeys may you make it one hell of a story.

Here’s to making 2020 a love filled year. Happy New Year to all of you my readers.( I would have said from mine to yours but well…)

To a 2020 full of love.

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  1. Aaaaaw this is so sweet mami you are such an interesting writer looking forward to more of this coming 2020 our year. happy 2020 my forever girl

    1. Woow….this is lovely.Looking forward to reading your book some day sissy.Hapo kwa tears I didn’t know you fought them that hard.Nakupenda sana and cheers to a love filled 2020

  2. …and lastly, she’s a deep thinker, a writer! Somebody’s son, please hurry your package is ready 🙂 Sending love to you love.

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