Castle Forest

The universe will always get you to do something that you have not done in a while. I had been away from the trails for close to eight months and going to castle forest was the best thing ever.

Castle Forest is located about one and half hours or two after you turn off Nairobi-Nyeri highway on either Embu or Sagana junction. This drive after the junction is scenic with very little traffic. It ends at the castle forest gate which is the main entrance to the forest. This forest is taken care of by Kenya Forest Service so in case you are wondering it is a very safe place.

We warm up and our hike starts. See if you have been off the trails for a while then you know you can’t trust anyone not even your body. Little chats here and there as we walk into the forest. On this particular day I was still among the last, I did not want to surprise my body by walking fast, it might decide to just bail out on me. What will I tell people! But then again, the beauty of hiking is taking your time as you take in the beautiful views because who knows when you will be back on these trails.

I forgot to mention Castle forest has about three rivers flowing through it and you get a chance to see each of them as you walk down the forest. We walk passed castle forest lodge which is located in Castle forest, if you are ever looking for a quiet place hint hint! One day when you want to run away from Nairobi madness and vasha is not an option for you then you will appreciate this place I swear.

In my life I never knew a day will come when I will be out here chasing water falls. On this day, here I was chasing a water fall somewhere deep in the forest not being sure what really waited for us there. We finally get to the last stretch just before you get to the water fall and this is where I laughed at my friends. Anyway Sherry if you get to read this we shall revisit this story. Also, if you are tall I am sorry because this is where you get humbled and you will appreciate short people.

I can’t remember the last time I saw or got close to a waterfall but all I know is that what I was seeing right in front of me was really amazing. I couldn’t help but think about what the man above had in mind because this here was i. I try getting into the water because you cannot walk all the way and not step into that water. Now this is the point I tell you my people if you and cold water are not in good terms please don’t swim just dip your feet like I did because you will thank me. Anyway people still swam and I respect them for that because this water is a freezer on land.

The beauty about this water is that your body*read my feet* actually gets used to it and you can do what you want. We later leave because the weather was changing and you wouldn’t want to rained on down here.

Considering how tough my days had been just before this hike, this was really refreshing and I appreciate everyone who came through on this day. Special shout out to Mercy,Sherry and Shaneez who made the best sweepers team. I haven’t laughed that hard during a hike. Also Shaneez go slow, I am kidding go everywhere baby so that when you are my age you will have done everything.

Finally thank you Keitan Safaris for making this happen. Happy third anniversary too keep on redefining these memories.

Photo Credits; Kennan Moses

Till Next Hike

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