One of my friends finally went on a trip with me!!!

I am too excited I almost forgot I have been away for a very long time. I am so sorry so many things have happened since the last time I posted here. Work became crazy and I was low key hoping by the time I post something here our site will be looking better but then si ni life. How have you all been? To all those people who reached out asking what happened to our site, you guys are the best! Thank you.

I started by saying finally a friend of mine went on a trip with me and it was the best thing ever. I hope my other friends will see the photos, get jealous and hopefully come on my next adventure. Who am I kidding most of them are bood’up they won’t come.

This time the adventure call takes us to Malindi. One of the ancient coastal towns that was home for Portuguese way back before you and I were born. Currently, it is home to the Mijikenda community. Who remembers the composition of the Mijikenda community? Honestly, I didn’t until one of my friends mentioned. Malindi town is located 120km north of Mombasa, 250km South of Lamu and approximately over 550km from Nairobi. This was us ready to hit those five and something Kms because when adventure calls it calls.

During planning, this was meant to be a chilled trip. I was not to do anything much apart from the chill, laugh, eat, sleep and repeat the whole thing. Our host didn’t agree to this and he made me come up with a brief itinerary of what we were to do while there. I almost told him we were coming to relax because God knows how crazy Nairobi can get plus it had started raining, all we needed was sun and sand break. I simply wrote something and sent him.

We used a Tahmeed night bus to Malindi. In case you have been wondering, this bus is comfortable. It is air-conditioned, with sockets and the seats too are perfect for long-distance. Twelve hours later we get to Malindi and as usual, the heat welcomes us. Not even the heat could stop us plus this was a good break from dramatic Nairobi weather.

For the two of us, this was the ultimate budget travel since we had a host. Ask any budget traveler what it means to be hosted while you are on holiday. It’s more of a jackpot! Let us take a moment and thank heavens for all our friends who live in cities that are mainly visited. You guys are the real MVPs.

After getting some rest and a brief tour of Malindi town we head to Butwani Bridge for a sundowner. If you have met or read my posts before you probably know that getting me to come is always too easy. All you have to say is there will be a perfect sunset view and I will be sold. Butwani bridge is located not far from Malindi town all you need to do is take a Boda boda or Tuk Tuk and there you will be at the entrance. This is where locals take time to hang out with family and friends and enjoy the beauty of the ocean. Also, along the bridge, you will spot a few people doing business. It is also a swimming spot; you can jump from the top of the bridge into the ocean. Adrenaline junkies, do you copy? I am not one of them, I am still battling with my fear for large water bodies. For real though people jump into the water from the bridge but for the time I was there, I only saw kids do it maybe adults are just boring humans. It is a beautiful place and if you are a photographer visit this place you will love your shots. After a sunset shoot my friends and I call it a day and we leave the bridge.

Image by Mutua Matheka

Charges; FREE

Do you love birds and Reptiles? Then you have to visit Falconry of Kenya which is a home of birds and reptiles and at the same time it is a tourist center and people get to visit and learn more about birds, reptiles and general awareness.

Our next stop was Falconry of Kenya. I meet a very happy man at the reception and he answers all the questions I had. We are joined by another group and after getting our tickets he hands us over to our guide Solomon who is a very interesting guy did I mention he is the king of sarcasm? Ask for him if you visit this place you will enjoy. Visiting Falconry just proved how much I fear snakes I couldn’t even touch one that the guide convinced us to be harmless. Is there a snake that is harmless though? Dotty, on the other hand, fears everything and I died when she screamed and ran away.

Charges; 2 dollars for Kenyans, 4 dollars for residents and 5 dollars for non-residents.

There is beauty in traveling with locals. This time our two friends who live in Malindi took us to Watamu. I was sold from the moment they suggested because who would not want to go to Watamu of all places. We board a matatu from Malindi to Watamu. Thirty minutes later we get to Watamu. We walk to Watamu Marine Park beach and my eyes are in awe! The blue water, clean beach plus the wind blew softly over the palm trees and they swayed beautifully giving a performance of a lifetime. My friends join a group of guys to play football while I just sit and watch them relive their childhood memories laughing their hearts out. I would live in this moment forever since for a moment we were young at heart just laughing, running around and playing around with sand. What is better than this?

Also, while in Malindi, make sure you visit Vasco Da Gama Pillar. As always there is beauty in relieving history. This place is part of the Malindi National Museum and the ticket you obtain gives you access to the pillar and Portuguese church. Vasco da Gama pillar is a busy place and people are always there.

These are the only places we managed to visit while in Malindi. I still hope to go back and experience the love of this city. One thing I loved is how peaceful it is, cheap transport and the honesty of the locals. I remember when Dotty and I got lost and everyone we asked was so nice. This made me question which kind of life I am used to. Aye my Nairobi people. Also, Malindi nightlife is expensive could be because of many tourists that live their or maybe that is just how it is. Despite this, we still got a local joint and watched the night fade away and everyone dancing their hearts out.

Thank you to Dotty for making this trip a reality despite everyone bailing out including the brains behind this trip(Funny right?). Brian si you are that guy! For being a good host and showing us places when daktari was busy. To daktari you are special I pray Malindi treats you better and may it be home far away from home.

Till next time; TagĀ  your friends along.

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