Climb Blue Sky

Happy New Month! This post has been very comfortable in my drafts for some reason I don’t know. Is it only me or April moved too fast? Anyway May we make the best out of this new month. Shall we?

For me going out of the house is usually an extreme sport and most of the time I cancel a lot of plans. I know someone will ask why I am saying this yet I travel once in a while. Truth is I do not know either. Some days I have a legit excuse for not showing up but then on some days I just sit and decide that my four walls feel much safer. Yvonne gave up on me by the way because she has tried meeting me so many times in town but for some reason I always don’t show up. So one day I wake up, check my WhatsApp and it is Yvonne again and this time she has a poster about something and my cheeky self comments ‘we are going’ not knowing she was not going to let this go.

How about we pose for the gram before we start?

In those so many words, all I am saying is getting me to come is not always that hard, just mention an adventure especially if it is something I have never done or heard of before, my curious self will show up. That is how I ended up going to Climb Blue Sky at valley arcade next to Kobil petrol station. Thank you to Yvonne and her friends who showed up and made this a really awesome experience. Climb bluesky at Valley arcade is Bluesky’s newest baby and on this day the place was officially being opened and we had a chance to climb for free. They are opened everyday Monday to Sunday, for exact timings and rates kindly check there website or Facebook page. Now you know why I couldn’t miss. 😃 They also have a branch at diamond plaza in Parklands which is usually opened daily. Just to be thorough with what they do, when you get there you sign something that looks like a consent form I remember when signing mine Yvonne joked about me signing my death sentence. For minors their guardians have to there. So this can also be a family fun day in case you were wondering if children can climb too.

Orientation before the climb.
My spider self

One thing I loved about bluesky is that we lazy people who are always going to the gym in our dreams can at least work out without our minds noticing that we are working out. All I am saying is that this is also a gym and many people frequent this place after a long day at work to just unwind and hopefully think things over. Since we have all dreamt of working out at least once in our lives show up your mind will not register what you doing to your body. Also if you are part of baeless batallion and your friends are bood’up all weekend show up at Blue sky you will not regret I promise.



When Yvonne’s Inner spider self came out to play.

The staff at Climb Bluesky are very friendly and patient with everyone so if you are a first timer don’t worry they will show you everything and even show you how to run on air in case of danger. Hahaha I am playing but then they will show you all you need to know about climbing. Biggest shout out to the staff that hosted us during the grand opening you are all amazing.

Climbing team, Lilian is missing she was the photographer.

Thank you so much Climb Bluesky Valley arcade for having us this is something all adrenaline junkies and people who are curious like me should try. I hope I see most of  you next time when I visit Bluesky.

Do not settle on boring weekends again go out Adventure is calling!

Till next time; Let’s go on more adventures.

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