These are the words that perfectly describe my weekend at Oloiden camp in Naivasha which is located in Rift valley approximately three hours drive from Nairobi. It is one of those trips that got me excited for all reasons first because it was Naivasha and secondly I needed to go away from this city’s madness. Those last months had been insanely tough and I needed sometime away just to breathe.

As usual Keitan Safaris had me covered for this particular trip because usually he is my go to person when I want to travel and take to book new experiences. I booked my slot and Voilà we was ready for this particular weekend.

I was in town by 0630hrs and we later on departed at 0700hrs from International Life House within the CBD and proceeded for a brief stopover to shop for breakfast and we started our journey. This was yet another solo trip though there were few faces I had met before from previous trips. The bus I was in was fun because what do you expect when you put people who have had a tough week at work and all that they want to do is unwind? Specifically where I sat he he he I have never seen such crazy ladies! Special shout out to them they made this trip awesome. I bet everyone remembers them. Anyway memories are made of such people right?

We had our first stopover at Rift valley view point and this place steals my heart every time. I have been here more than once but the views are still amazing. Thereafter there was another stopover at Italian old church where we took photos and learnt more about the church as I wrote here.

Rift valley viewpoint
Inside Italian Old church.

Having no other stop over we drove straight to Naivasha admiring how beautiful this country is. Truth is I do use this route going to my village but for some reason on this day it was different I don’t why though. Maybe we just need such weekends to make us appreciate some things.

Few hours later we drive into Crater lake Resort and dearly beloved, I have never seen such a peaceful place. The silence, the trees made very awesome views that looked perfect to me. -Dear future Bae if you ever get to read this let us go to crater lake Resort both of us will love it-. This crater lake was formed as a result of volcanic eruptions that occurred on this region. Also it is a saline lake because it has no tributaries. This place also has tented camps that can be used so if you want to book you can have a look at their website or talk to Keitan.

Crater lake Resort
Views from Crater lake view point

Hours later we pullover at the shores of  Lake Naivasha for lunch and truth be told this was my favorite place. Guess what we had for lunch!!! Fish and Ugali my people and to even make it better everyone got served with two fish. (I can still picture the fish on my plate) Imagine having lunch on the shores of the lake, cool breeze, amazing people heee your problems are forced to go on leave I swear. We finish our lunch and go check in at Oloiden camp which was not far away.

Lunch at the shores of Lake Victoria
One human two fish hihi

I was to say camping but then this was a glam-ping experience. Why do I say so? Our tents were already pitched and all you needed to do was pick one. Also our meals were being prepared. What is better than this really? We had Team building activities and trust you me this was interesting and everyone gave their best because we is a competing nation. Games, dances and just having a good time was the climax of our evening as we freshened up and waited for our dinner later in the evening to continue with bonfire adventures such as salsa, kizomba late into the night.

Aerial view of Oloiden Campsite.

Day 2 was awesome breakfast was served right on time and this is one of those perfect Saturdays far away from home. Why do I say this? You wake up to a hot shower in very clean bathrooms in the morning then have your breakfast with a perfect view of Lake Oloiden. For sunrise chasers like me my day started early and that sunrise was the most beautiful thing I have seen in a while and maybe the photo will not do it justice.

Sunrise at Oloiden
Breakfast at Oloiden Resort

After breakfast everyone goes to do what they want since there are activities such as boatriding on Lake Oloiden. My water phobia could not allow me to try this however much I was convinced to. From what I was told by everyone who went is that the view is amazing. By now you should have realised I live for views. There’s a special place in my heart that beats for perfect views and everything fine. After all our activities are done we  meet for a debrief and cake cutting for November babies after which we leave the campsite for Burch’s resort for swimming. It was a beautiful afternoon spent dancing and just having a good time in the pool hihi though still I did not swim maybe next time I will. We leave Naivasha for Nairobi and three hours later the bus pulls over at International Life House again marking the end of our weekend getaway.

I still could not believe that in a span of 2 days we had been to three different lakes. Sounds unbelievable right? May be you should try it I also did not believe at first when I was told they are three lakes. This whole trip costed, 5800 kenyan shillings all inclusive.

Views of Lake Oloiden

This was one of those amazing trips I have had this year. Last year if you asked me if I would pack my bags and go to a new place with strangers I would have told you no. I am proud of myself and definitely next year we are traveling more and just rediscovering beautiful parts of this country.

Biggest shout-out to Keitan safaris I can’t wait to see what destinations 2019 has in store and thank you for always helping in creating memories. Secondly Brent Focus; He is the magician behind the lens. The photos are amazing right? Thank you for the beautiful captures and my people he loves what he does if you have your private events look for him.

Till Next time; Live love and go on more adventures.

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  1. Awwwwhthis is incredible. very sweet piece my lady.
    Asante sana i just feel like ni mimi huyo nilikua naivasha and please tag me along next time.

  2. Awwwwhthis is incredible. very sweet piece my lady.
    Asante sana i just feel like ni mimi huyo nilikua naivasha and please tag me along next time.

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