Craazy 20s

It is a series of uncertainties, fear and several breakdowns. This is the period that some of your friends are getting married and as for you, you just got out of a serious relationship. Your finances on the other hand need prayer and fasting and not to mention you are loosing those friends that you thought would last a lifetime. I do not know what really goes on here all I know is that I  want to resign from being an adult and just go back to my parents house because looking back life was simple then.

Maybe I am the only one but I have felt defeated, questioned the meaning of life and at times even cried through the night. It gets confusing by day because at some point you do not enjoy those things that you loved doing, you are always tired and you keep living on hope that things will get better. Someone told me this is a sign of depression of which I haven’t been able to verify.

A few days ago I talked to a few friends of mine out of curiosity to know if they are also struggling and if they do what do they do to cope. Majority told me this season is crazy and all they are trying to do is mastering the art of survival. Which is true everything is hard from our economy to our day to relationships everything has changed. So I asked how they survive when these high tides rock their boats. One said they are always calling on God and that prayer has become their only refuge. They further say that is the only place they feel safe and are sure no one will judge them. Which is true all you need at times is a place you feel safe, where you can just cry and be yourself. She told me if it ever gets tough just go on your knees.

Our thoughts usually tend to be really loud and to stay sane we choose to be in the company of our friends. Amy Poehler says; I want to be around people that do things. I do not want to be around people that talk or judge what people do. I want to be around people that dream and support. I totally agree with this because you should always find people who encourage you to be better. How many of us are afraid of talking to people because we don’t know what to expect in return? Do we have those friends that will show up when we are at our darkest point? Truth is there are days you need someone to vent to but then if they drain you every time you are with them then what’s the point? Work your way out and find one or two friends that you can count on those people you are sure you can call them at 3 a.m. and you are sure they will show up. Things get easier when they are talked about. I am not sure about this though I have not learnt talking what is bothering me.

My favorite answer was when one friend told me that life has become hard so Bora uhai. I know we are used to this saying,  it has become part of us. What is the point of living or surviving when you do not enjoy it. I believe it gets tiring at some point but then if you find your way through then you are good to go. I also believe that the Bora uhai team are the greatest survivors of all time and they believe in survival which is a good thing.

Some days are going to be hard some will be really good and then there will be those days that we will not know what is really happening. I pray you survive and take each moment as it comes because we may live complaining about our twenties and miss out on all beautiful moments. I know there will not be any other time you will be this confused and overwhelmed so enjoy everything that comes with it and make this story as interesting as you can. Remember it is okay to breakdown once in a while, take a break once and most importantly allow yourself to get lost.


Just like wine it gets better with age. 😊 Breathe,breathe some more and slay your twenties.

Are your twenties chaotic as mine? Kindly share how you are surviving this season.

Till next time loves; Read and Share.

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  1. I am not sure i am surviving. The grace of God is just sailing me through. It’s hard fam. But it shall be better. I promise. ❤

  2. Reading through this in a matand I can’t hold back tears ..this is so me !I question even what feels right even worse can’t stand when guys tell me am too old to be at Dad’s house,too old to be in no serious rship and heck it’s draining. Great job Phenny glad am not alone

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