To Travel is to live.

I know some will say they already know this that I should tell them something new. See I am repeating this because I know how much this statement means. For the longest time I always wanted to travel. For someone who grew up and schooled in the same place and only came to the capital after campus because life had to start there was need to visit a new place and  live life beyond  my village. This became a dream for the longest time that I wanted to accomplish.

So many times we planned for trips with my friends but then you know what they say about planned/group travels right? Those trips never happened and we were just left telling stories about locations we would love to visit and at times even download pics. One of these trips actually happened I will sure tell this story in one of the posts.

Photo from Google.

All I am saying is that travel awakens something in you, that one thing that will always remain alive and turn you into a story teller for the longest time. I hope you yearn to be this story teller too. Pack your bags and go ye and visit that new place, it doesn’t have to be an expensive trip as long us you learn something and doesn’t come back the same way you left. You can sleep in a not so cool place and make loong lasting memories.

Keep coming back and help me tell this beautiful story.

Till next time good people; To Travel is To LIve.

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