Go-karting At Eastern Ark Hotel

Eastern Ark Hotel

For a while now, I have been teaching myself to say yes more. This includes opportunities, experiences, and not forgetting adventures. That is how I got to go for go-karting after putting it away for a while.Courtesy of Kitlio Expeditions we departed from Nairobi for Eastern Ark Hotel at about 7:30 am. This hotel is […]

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Tips On Planning A Successful Hike.

By: Weru Collins Researching before your hike bears the potential to make or break it. Here are key things you need to figure out to increase your chances of a successful summit. Physical preparedness In addition to being in good physical form, proper preparation before the hike spikes your confidence. Logistics Having your logistics figured […]

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Lockdown, locked down?

I went through a lot of emotions during last year’s lockdown. On most days I was exhausted, I spent most of the time in bed doing nothing and on some days, I cried.I struggled so much with anxiety to an extent I constantly wondered who that person was because that wasn’t me. For a moment […]

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